Interview with Greg Cooper

From the film documentary: “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High” I found this scene to be very moving and inspirational, as well as informative. It gives a good perspective on how the “Drug War” in the United States is not just a crime, but not a victimless crime either. Greg Cooper is a medical marijuana patient with Multiple Sclerosis and Ataxia who shows that marijuana has very obvious medical uses. For those of you that don’t know, Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that causes the bodies immune systems to attack the patients central nervous system (including the brain, and the spine), causing tons of major and painful symptoms, among shown here are severe pain, twitching, and muscle spasms. This is a broad definition and you can learn more about it by following the links below. Show this to your friends, and encourage them to buy the full length film. I take no credit for any of this, all I did was cut this out and put it in between some text, lol. Links You SHOULD Click On Another MS patient named Tim Timmons can be found here on YouTube, and he spreads the word that needs to be spread. Awareness is power, and my heart goes out to this man for his courageous acts to defend the freedom of himself and his fellow Americans. A means to end suffering should NEVER be criminalized. Official web page of the film: Official film trailer: To learn more about Multiple Sclerosis The Symptoms

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25 Responses to “Interview with Greg Cooper”

  1. VagabondFirefly Says:

    I’m glad to hear it man, I wish more people felt the same way.

  2. ubernate860 Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you…

    I’m spreadin this out right now. If none of you have seen this entire documentary, you should! It’s soooo good.

  3. rasseeeeee Says:

    omg i love the vid!! I smoke weed and some stupid media-tricked people are saying “why are you smoking weed? it’s dangerous!” and now i always answer “really? 450,000 people are dying every year from smoking cigarettes and 100,000 from alcohol, and from weed? none ever, so get off my ass.” (sry if i spelled wrong, i’m from sweden, PEACE)

  4. cypherpunk11 Says:

    How much more testimony and evidence do they need to see in order to decriminalize marijuana? It seems like you’d have to be a stubborn jackass to go on shouting about how marijuana is so fucking horrible and will ruin society when you’ve got nothing but positive results staring you in the face?

  5. Matthew235689 Says:

    the problem is the only people watching The Union, or even this, are people who already support [medicinal] marijuana.

  6. HenryTheHorse1966 Says:

    thats exactly right which is why marijuana will never be given a good rep

  7. Matthew235689 Says:

    on netflix on xboxlive, the number one political documentary is marijuana…we’ve seen like 5, and there are still more to watch..and they all are about the same, but I find The Union is the best in ease to watch, plus it’s pretty all-encompassing…but again… you can’t get people who are [vehemently] against marijuana to watch a video like that, because they’re stuck on reefer madness and being just plain ignorant.

  8. HenryTheHorse1966 Says:

    ya man, i just hope that one day everyone opens their eyes and realizes that marijuana isnt a bad thing at all

  9. firebird096 Says:

    Good old American Society…DONT question authority what the people MAKING the money say is RIGHT as the continue to OPPRESS us

    Id rather be broke and do the right thing then sell out to become wealthy im not a bitch i believe in the RIGHT thing not things that soley benefit me take notes politicians, lobbyists, CEOs sell outs

  10. RSxISxRICKSHAW Says:

    exactly, i told me teacher about this movie and he wants so show it to our class.. mission accomplished

  11. RyleyMoore1 Says:

    wow that amazing and people say its “BAD” look at this guy it helped all his problems

  12. VagabondFirefly Says:

    Thanks for all the views and comments guys. You help propogate the word!

  13. JRskiCOlo Says:

    Sick movie

  14. BBBmarko Says:

    Every single time I watch this part of the doco. my heart strings certainly do get pulled. Honestly though, how could they not. I feel so sorry for that Greg, yet so glad that marijuana helps him sooooo much. Further proof that marijuana really is a miracle plant.

  15. VagabondFirefly Says:


    Isn’t it criminal that a plant with such outstanding medicinal properties is against the law to use? It just goes to show you HOW MUCH the truth is masked. Look at pot commericals… It’s sad.

  16. BBBmarko Says:

    Its not only sad, its a downright criminal thing to do.

  17. Melkorx5 Says:

    “i would have found a way.”

    Powerful fucking words.

    I have epilepsy, on top of a few psychological issues. I’ve been put on so many different medications over the years, its such bullshit.
    At this moment, I am only on 1 pill which does help treat both my issues, but i still have a bad seizure about every month. . . Except when I am smoking weed. It is the only thing that keeps me seizure-free. I noticed this when I started looking for work, and had to stop smoking. (started seizing again)

  18. MOKandRIFF Says:

    there are NO intelligent reasons to ban marijuana.

  19. VagabondFirefly Says:

    I’m glad you found it, and I hope it continues to help you, I’m sure it will.

    This is another perfect example of how marijuana legislation is not a victimless crime. You should NEVER be forced to choose between living seizure free or having a means of income to support yourself and your family.

    Good luck with your struggles and may MJ always be with you! :)

  20. cypherpunk11 Says:

    Under Federal law Greg Cooper would be charged as a felon, thrown in jail and fined thousands of dollars just for taking his medicine; a medicine with no side effects, numerous benefits, is cheaper than synthetic prescription drugs and can easily be grown in his own home.

    Tell me how that makes sense and I’ll support prohibition. This man isn’t a criminal, he’s a patient!

  21. danhelinski Says:

    Thanks for finally posting this video, im in the process of proving several people wrong using facts that I know.

  22. dvq Says:

    this is it, this is the video, this is the non-refutable proof, you see it, you will change your mind, if you dont see it, you are locked in your ignorance.

  23. spazcer Says:

    “The Union” and “Penn & Teller’s War on Drugs” episode of Bullshit are my two favorite docus on drugs … specifically marijuana. A close third would be “High: The True Tale of American Marijuana” with their heart felt testimonies.

  24. Ph1005 Says:

    “i would have found a way”

    I’m not sure exactly what he means… Is he talking about suicide? If so, those are powerful fucking words…

    Happy you found good medication too!

  25. goldensox Says:

    That guy who was spasming at the beginning of the video, what does he has? Seizures?

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